Classic Games for Classic Vacation Fun

  • game-astroids
    Asteroids (video game) fly your spaceship through a field of asteroids blasting the asteroids to destroy them.
    Tip: Shoot the flying saucer for 250 points. Small asteroids are worth more points than the large ones.
  • game-crystal-castles
    Crystal Castles (video game) Help Bentley Bear collect gems hidden in the castle as you avoid enemies.
    Tip: Defeat the “Gem Eaters” by catching them while they are eating a gem. Pick up and wear the hat to defeat the witch.
  • game-donkey-kong
    Donkey Kong (video game) Help Mario save his girlfriend Pauline from the Ape.
    Tip: To dodge barrels consistently, hold joystick in the forward direction to gain momentum, and jump the barrel with ease!
  • game-ms-pacman
    MS Pacman (video game) Gain points by eating dots while avoiding ghosts.
    Tip: Wait by a power pellet until there are a lot of ghosts nearby. The more ghosts you eat in a row the more points you will get.
  • game-mr-do
    Mr. Do (video game) Score as many points as possible by digging tunnels through the ground and collecting cherries.
    Tip: Wait until there are many enemies following you and then run under a pumpkin to crush them.
  • game-pacman
    Pacman (video game) Gain points by eating dots while avoiding ghosts.
    Tip: Pick up the fruit in the center of the screen when it appears to collect bonus points; as the levels get harder, the fruit becomes worth more.
  • game-pole-position
    Pole Position II (video game) Race opponents around the track to finish in the time limit to qualify for the next round.
    Tip: When turning around corners shift from high gear to low gear to avoid going off the track or crashing.
  • game-star-wars
    Star Wars (video game) Destroy the Death Star through three attack phases.
    Tip: You do not have to destroy every enemy in order to advance through the game; you must simply survive as your fighter flies through the level, which most often means you must avoid or destroy the shots that your enemies fire.
  • game-fast-break
    NBA Fastbreak (pinball) Basketball theme. Get to Trophy Multiball by completing the six tasks, win a championship ring, and score as many points as possible along the way.
    Tip: Shoot up the center ramp after launching the ball for “Tip-off” combo; this will help you get to the Trophy Multiball.
  • game-penent-fever
    Pennant Fever (pinball) Baseball theme. Hit the ball to score runs and beat your opponent.
    Tip: Hit the ball up the middle piece of metal to score a homerun.
  • teed-off-playfield
    Tee’d Off (pinball) Play and beat all nine holes of golf and score as many points as you can on the way
    Tip: Get 6 hole-in-ones for an extra ball and 8 for Lightning Storm Multiball.
  • video-icon-rec-room
  • foos-ball-table
    Foosball Table A table game similar to soccer, where 2 to 4 players attempt to get the ball into the opponents goal. First to score 5 goals wins.
    Tip: Keep the men on your offensive 3 bar angled toward your target goal so you can catch a ball as it is passed forward.
  • pool-table
    Pool Table Regulation 7 foot slate billiards table.
  • juke-box
    Jukebox Enjoy some great tunes from our 100 CD selection Jukebox.
    Tip: Use a dollar bill to get 5 plays.